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Most homes use an air conditioner or furnace

? Most homes use an air conditioner or furnace to cool or heat the air. However, few people give any thought to how this process occurs. One of the main ways to keep a home warm is a heat pump, which can work with an air conditioning unit to keep a house comfortable year round.

A heat pump keeps the temperature in a home warm or cool. It works by pulling the heat from the air or ground and circulating it throughout the house. During the summer, the process is reversed, pulling the hot air out of the home, cooling the temperature inside. Heat pumps can work as both a heater and an air conditioning system, meaning that a home can be kept comfortable using only one unit.

Heat pumps can be more efficient because they do not require an additional source of energy to move hot air either in or outside of a home. Also, because hot air tends to move downhill, they can pull hot air from a cooler area and send it to a warmer one. They tend to perform best in moderate climates and can have problems in colder areas of the country. In places where temperatures tend to drop to freezing or below for long periods of time, heat pumps are not considered to be an energy saving feature.

This is due to the pump having to draw energy from a supplemental source, such as electrical heater, oil burner, or an adapted gas furnace, in order to keep the air inside comfortable. Colder climates may also require a heat pump to work non-stop, thus using more energy. Further, many people find that the hot air they generate is not as strong as that created by a furnace. However, unlike a furnace, heat pumps send hot air throughout an entire home, eliminating cold spots.

Some of the different types of systems that can be installed in homes include a split system and a two speed unit. Split systems have a compressor, consisting of an outdoor coil, fan, and reversing valve, Kitchen Refrigerator Condensing Unit which are outside of a home and a separate unit inside, containing a fan, indoor coil, and another heating unit. The two parts are joined by a refrigerant. On days which are especially cold, an additional heat source must Semi-Hermetic Compressor Suppliers be used to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home.

Whereas with a two speed unit, the heat pump is only used to generate the amount of energy needed at that point in time to heat or cool a house. This type of system uses less energy and the heat pump tends to last longer. A two speed unit also can work with a zone control system. This allows the homeowner to maintain rooms at different temperatures.

There are two main types of heat pumps, air-source and geothermal, depending on where a home is located in the country. The air-source variety uses the hot air in a home to heat or cool the inside temperature. This type of heat pump is usually not seen as efficient in all climates because as the temperature in the home changes, the pump may be required to work harder in order to keep the air warm or cool. Also, in colder areas of the country, another heat source may also be required.

By comparison, a geothermal heat pump can be used in almost any climate because it uses heat from the ground to keep a home comfortable. Since in most areas, ground temperatures tend to be moderate, a geothermal heat pump can be utilized in more parts of the country than an air-source pump. Also, geothermal heat pumps can be adjusted to either use the heat from the ground or a hot water source and this process can be reversed in the summer. Heat pumps can be an energy-saving device when used to heat or cool a home which certainly appeals to environmentally-minded people.

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The Solar Beams has the potential

Often air conditioners are fitted in cars in hot climate. Other factors on the impact on the engine and an overall engine heat increase can have an impact on the cooling system of the vehicle. Wind resistance and engine power and weight are the factors that have to be factored into finding the true variance between using the air conditioning system and not using it when figuring out difference in actual gas mileage.

Air conditioning applications
Air conditioning applications are based on what one wants- process or comfort. Portable true air conditioners are available in two patterns, split and hose. An air conditioner is an instrument, system, or machinery designed to calm down the air temperature and humidity within an region, typically using a refrigeration cycle but sometimes using evaporation, commonly for comfort cooling in buildings and motor vehicles. Air conditioning is the cooling and air for comfort, the term can refer to any form of cooling, heating or ventilation that modifies Chiller Manufacturers the condition of air. The comfort air conditioner is designed to create a 40% to 60% relative humidity in the occupied space. Although often in the comfort range, it is the needs of the process that determine conditions, not human preference. Since the human perspire to make himself cool by the evaporation of perspiration from the skin, drier air (up to a point) improves the comfort provided. Presently you can get them with capacities of about 6,000 to 60,000 BTU/h (1,800 to 18,000 watts output) and with and without electric resistance heaters. There has been much debate and discussion on what the usage of an air conditioner does to the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. During the 19th century the advances in chemistry let to development of modern air conditioning, and the first large-scale electrical air conditioning was invented and used in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier. From the processed air the coil evaporator condenses the water vapor, (much like an ice-cold drink will condense water on the outside of a glass), sending the water to a drain and removing water vapor from the cooled space and reducing the relative humidity. Evaporative coolers are also portable. Process applications include these:

Portable air conditioners
A portable air conditioner is one on wheels that can be easily transported inside a home or office..

China Heat Pump Unit Suppliers History
In ancient Rome the concept of conditioning of air is known to them, where channel of water was circulated through the walls of certain houses to cool them.

Humidity control
Air conditioning tools usually reduces the humidity of the air.

Air conditioners automobiles
Air conditioner systems are designed in a way that the driver and or passengers get to feel more comfortable during uncomfortably warm humid or hot trips in a vehicle.

(a) Comfort applications provide a building indoor environment that remains relatively constant in a range preferred by humans despite changes in external weather conditions or in internal heat loads.

(b) Process applications offer a suitable atmosphere to carry out the process, regardless of internal heat and humidity loads and external weather conditions

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